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​ Shoryu Cave was discovered on July 16, 1963 by a research team led by Professor Hiroshi Yamauchi of the Ehime University Academic Exploration Department. In his book, the professor wrote about his surprise at the time of his discovery: ``Until now, it had been left in its natural state.''
Of the total length of 3,500 meters, 600 meters are open to the public. It has been designated as a natural monument by Kagoshima Prefecture, and on March 7, 2017, the area around Daisen Shoryu Cave was designated as the 34th national park in Japan, the Amami Gunto National Park.
​In the underground space of Okinoerabu Island, the mystical world of nature is still ticking away in eternity, with a beauty that seems to overwhelm people.
Shoryudou entrance


The stalactites that form to cover the cave walls are called "flow stones."
The flowstones in Shoryudo Cave are spectacularly beautiful, as if a huge waterfall flowing down the entire wall had frozen in an instant, and is one of the largest in Japan in size and development.

A variety of stalactites, including flow stones, are formed inside the cave, and you will be amazed at the sights that change color and shape one after another.
silver blind
​Shoryu Shrine
Shoryu Shrine
A shrine built in honor of the two human bones discovered when the cave was discovered as the guardian deities of the main cave.
music hall
Stalactites that have developed into plate shapes from the ceiling
rim stone
rim stone
A stalactite shaped like the ridge of a rice field
cave coral
cave coral
A coral-shaped object that has developed on the surface of flowstone.
​ Approximately 300,000 stalactites of at least 25 types (straws, stalagmites, stone pillars, flowstones, rimstones, etc.) in the cave create fantastic shapes. It can be said to be one of Japan's finest examples of natural formations. In particular, flowstone, which is formed by the precipitation and accumulation of minerals in flowing water, is one of the largest in Japan. Most of the limestone in the cave is untarnished and shines white when light reflects on it.
Shoryu no Bell
magic daruma rock
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