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​Kagoshima Prefecture designated cultural property and natural monument
​Shoryu Cave

​For inquiries regarding Shoryudo, please contact the address below.
<emergency contact>
●China Town Hall Planning and Promotion Division

●Okie Love Floral Co., Ltd.
・Okie Love Floral Hotel

​●Okie Love Floral Co., Ltd.
・Shoryu Cave
​tubescience office

A request from Shoryu Cave

・Your feet inside the cave will be wet and slippery. When it comes to footwear, we recommend wearing sneakers that are easy to walk in, avoiding flip-flops and high heels.

​・The groundwater flowing inside the cave still carries limestone and other minerals, and Shoryu Cave is gradually changing and growing. Stalactites only grow about 0.3mm in a year. Please do not touch it with your hands to avoid damage or discoloration.
Shoryudo Office
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